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The Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Octavia Octavian LED pedal can be heard on the critically acclaimed Aerosmith album 

Honkin' On Bobo

 Thanks Joe!

Click on the album and check out  Aerosmith's web site!


The Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Octavia SE pedal can be heard on the new Velvet Revolver album 


 Thanks Slash!

Click on the album and check out  Velvet Revolver's web site!

The Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Parapedal Parachute wah pedal can be heard and seen on the legendary album 

Heaven and Hell
the Dio Years



 Thanks Tony and Geezer!

Click on the album and check out  Black Sabbath's web site!





Wow. A review from England in September 2004 Guitarbuyer magazine. This is an adobe pdf file. You will need adobe acrobat to read it. If you don't have it type adobe acrobat into your favorite search engine.



Sent: Friday, 4 April, 2008

Hello Kurt 

The pedal arrived today.......haven't been able to stop playing with it since - so versatile, so much to get out of it!

 An awesome addition to the pallette!

 And really good build quality too.........

 Thanks for a great job!

 Kind regards




Subject: Belated thanks too....
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 20:56:23 -0700
From: "Chuck Kavooras" <>
To: <>

Kurt, I'm Chuck Kavooras, the friend of BB Chung King's who ordered the Octavian as I suggested he order one from you that week later last year. Sorry it's taken so long to contact you, it's been a crazy year. I am also the one who convinced Ken at True Tone in Santa Monica to place his larger stock order end of last year after touting and praising the virtues of your TRUE, best version available . He loves your pedals, was pleased immediately with the responses, and they sold just sitting there in his glass counter cabinet as soon as knowledgeable players glanced down and saw them. I've picked up another as a back up from him too! I guess that makes me a ' two-timer '?

Please edit BB's mail to you and change the spelling of my name to Kavooras, not Covoris if you can please. I've been playing octavia's since the early eighties, (Armstrong Green Ringers before that) collect every kind I come across, own the real Tycobrahe too, which I used as the benchmark. It's a small miracle you came along to take the "Holy Grail" of octavia's and not only replicate it faithfully, but improve upon it as well. The pedals are just great, and you should be proud to have done such a work of love and perseverance, and at the same time pleased so many players with this 'gift' of a sonic masterpiece.

Please let me know if any other gems are in the ' works '

Regards and best wishes,
Chuck Kavooras


Subject: Re: Plankton - Octavian
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:06:56 +0200
From: "Christian N" <>

Just wanted to let you know that I´m extremely happy about the Octavian!! 
I played it live for the first time a few days ago and it sounded 
it´s the fattest tone I´ve heard compared to the other octavias I´ve used!
A very nice device!
Keep up the good work and THANKS!

Subject: pedal
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 11:58:57 EST

Kurt,got my octavian yesterday,pluged it in,(and believe me i know exactly
what lick to play. it will only take a second to know if this pedal is right!)
my search of at leased 10 years for a great repro pedal is over!
my buddy chuck covoris ordered his at the same time and you shipped them
at the same time.can't wait to hear what he thinks,as he has(like i do),
all the original pedals you can imagine!
i'm 48yrs old and i'm talkin like i'm 13 again!
thats excited!!
Alan (BB CHUNG KING) Mirikitani
Buddaheads(on RCA RECORDS)


Hi Kurt, Hope you had a great Holiday Season. I wanted you to know that we played out New Year's Eve. This was our first real full blast thing were I put the Parachute through it's paces. The new Parachute cuts through like a knife and the sweeping is clearly audible in the mix. Far better than my former Wah Wahs. Thanks for working with me and providing me with the best in service and product.

Tim Wagoner



Yes I got the sounds great....I had to adjust the black thin plastic threaded thingy to get a better it sounds great(not that it sounded bad just needed a adjustment...thanks alot ! as for the you have a number I can call you and talk about it? I'll have my gear set up you can hear some more of it over the phone.... let me know what's the best time to call...tomorrow?now  thanks man !



Hi Kurt !!!!!!

Thanks a lot for the Parachute and Octavian. Their both great pedals. It took some time to answer you( sorry) but this fall has been very busy. Don the guitarplayer of WE has both pedals in his pedalboard. He totally loves them.

I love the Wah wah sweep that the Parachute creates. It's really a killing sound when I put the Octavian before the Parachute. Very good finish on them also.

Thanks a lot and keep on doing the good work..

WE are invited to play at the South by Southwest March 2003. Have you been there? Would be great to meet you.

Take care and I wish you the best for the year to come!!!!!!!



Hello Kurt san

Thank you for your kindly information. I am sure that your excellent pedal will be welcomed and supported by a lot of guitarists in Japan. Because I have asked to "1G of the guitar custom shops" in Japan about Tycobrahe Octavia. They kindly explained to me that it is impossible to get it for general method. Thus they have to go to US to find Octavia with vintage-guitars & vintage-stomp boxes, for business in Japan. For your reference, selling price for Octavia to be approximately more than $1000 US. I was surprised at enormous selling price. When 1G publishes an advertisement using a little photograph to Guitar magazine, they are asked by many customers. I guess that the demand is exactly existing in Japan. In fact, one of maker "Crews" , they have released a stomp box of "Taco (Octavia sound)" before a few years. Anyway, Chicago Iron Octavian has high cost performance, compared with original. Of course, there is a wonderfully & harmonically sound based on your excellent policy. ( hand-build assembly and selected components, sophisticated feature & coloring.) I will strongly recommend using "Chicago Iron gears" to my friends and my favorite guitar shops Millimeter music in my hometown, also my web(although Japanese.



Hello Kurt san

Today I received a Chicago Iron Octavian. Great and perfect!!! What a wonderful tone! The sound of Chicago Iron Octavian is too good rather than I checked the other makers. Probably I do not need looking for original Tycobrahe. It will be one of important gear for me. At the same time, I cannot help using it every gigs..... I want to use it importantly forever. I hope that you will develop the more wonderful product. Also I wish you and Chicago Iron success in the world.

Tks&Rgs Katsumata


Hey well, the pedals sound great/amazing!, immaculate worksmanship (the only thing I personally will change is the input and output jacks on each of the pedals, but this is me) Since I haven't heard any other Parapedal, it is a neat effect, I was surprised to see that you only need a very small sweep parameter for the effect, something I will half to get used to, I used a Boss Blues Driver and a Maxon delay unit through a Super Reverb amp, it's a neat effect and you deserve a lot of credit, I had 6 of my friends in the music store (they work there) they were definately jealous!! Thanks for the stickers, that was very nice of you. The Octavian is also going to be a integral part of my "now future sound" , in comparing it to a Z-Vex Octave III I quickly learned that you can't , they are different machines., the fuzz on yours was warmer, + creamier sound, is it silicon fuzz? and when I compared it to my friends Tycobrahe Octavia this evening, it was very similar, I would say even temperment between both pedals, he could not tell his from yours, when I did the "blind Pepsi taste test" , in this case, "blind Chicago Iron Sound Test", I will be testing your Parachute clone against Trevors Parapedal either on Friday or Monday of next week, (he couldn't bring his Parapedal in today, he just moved and all his pedals are still packed) Trevor who owns a original Tycobrahe Parapedal and one of your parachute wah in a dunlop housing , he said that overall my parapedal sounded cleaner and more defined then both of his pedals, so when I do the A/B test Kurt I will then do a review on Harmony Central, I also want , and let me know when you get time, I want to hear how the metallic film pots sound in this circuit, I would prefer, again, when you get time, to A/B the regular pedal, as mine is, yo the metallic pots that you said gives it a more shiney synth tone, if we could do that over the phone that would be great!! If it sounds much different I will in all probability order one off you, AGain thanks for all your help, thanks for taking the time and talking to me , I have learned a lot from you and look at it as a valuable experience, I will talk to you soon!!!

Thanks Nik


That's great, can't wait, I love these *uckin' pedals man Your on to something Kurt I can't stop playing them, I thought I would be noodlin around with the parapedal but I find myself playing the fuzz it's great man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not great Its perfect Again thanks for everything 


Hi Kurt:

I reveived the pedal,thank you,and i want one more,all the shipping info are the same,you could send a invoice to me,thanks a lot.





Thanks for the pedal Kirk,

It is really the best sounding Octavia that I have ever owned. You guys did such a wonderful job and the tone is just superb.

Best wishes to you,

Lance Keltner


Mr. Stier,

I received the pedals today, and they work great! Thanks for doing a great job building these pedals, they're a lot of fun to play. One question though, to get the ghost note on the Octavian to linger, I'd have to get a delay pedal, right?




Hi Kurt.

Just wanted to let you know we got the pedal. Beat loves it! Thanks again. Is there a way we can leave positive feedback on e-bay for you?

Take care,




My pedal arrived today in beautiful shape, and nicely packaged (the crate is a nice touch). Thanks. I'll try it out tonight and leave good feedback. Take care.


Thank You

James & Gloria Tiller

and Tinker


Dear Kurt,

Thanks for your email. I'm so glad you got to hang with Cesar - I'm sure your product sounds like GOLD! Cesar was really nice to me, and made a big impact on me, and my equipment, and what I listen for. (not to mention all of my heroes he helped!!) I'm really looking forward to recieving the pedal - The Kilbourne show was last night - a ballad type of tune - but there's a bunch more stuff including Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show, and a tour starting on Monday in New Jersey. I'll let you know as soon as I get it, and I hope you know that I REALLY appreciate your time, and the fact that you got it out to me right away. You sound really busy, so I do appreciate it. Best wishes with all of your effects - I'm sure they all kick ass!! Let me know what else you've got in the works....... If I'm in Chicago, I'll look you up - would love to check out the "wall of amps, effects, and guitars"!!


Philip Sayce.


Hello Kurt,

Thank you for your great help. Finally, the pedal has arrived today!! I played with it at once, and am deeply moved. I like every sounds of it. Especially, I was surprised that I can get various sound with turning the BOOST knob. I like MUCH the chiming harmonics whitch is achieved in turned down position of the knob, as well as screaming sound whitch is achieved turned up position of it. Although I've been uneasy for the delay of arrival, now my uneasiness was blown away! I feel very happy! Of course I've left a positive feedback. Thank you again for your great help and sorry for my inexperience.

Thanks a million,



just recieved them both, tried them, am speachless at the moment, will get back to you. please put me in line/on board - for one of the 1st. pedalflangers. and any reproduction therafter. what do you look at in regards to repairs? beautiful! sincerly tony-they are already becomming favorites-they got it!



Dear Kurt,

Happy New Year to you and yours. I apologize for not getting in touch with you for a back just before Christmas and got into Holiday mode - Hope you had a great Holiday season. I must say that the Octavian is hands down the best sounding Octavia I have used. You really have done an awesome job, and a couple of buddies of mine are really interested in placing an order with you. Thanks for getting it out to me so quickly. I really appreciated it!!

The tone of it is just so much WARMER than all of the other Octavias I have used - Even the original!!!!Congratulations. Thanks for checking out the New Year's show on T.V. It was a great time, and although I didn't get to kick it on for that show, the Octavian was definately up there.

Thanks again for your amazing pedal, and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,

Philip Sayce.


Hi Kurt;
Got the pedal here today. I was trying the pedal when my wife asked me what 
was that. Then I show her the Octavia and the Octavian. After explaining her 
why I've got a replica of a pedal that I already have she asked me to play them. After a little bit of A/B test she told me: "I like the newer one  better". So I had to ask her why... she replied: "'Cause it sounds better.  Has more bass and definition. And I love the wood box!". Well, all I can say is thank you so much! I really appreciate all your effort  to make sure the pedal would get here in time.
I'm leaving in a few minutes, but as soon as I get back I'll contact you for  2 more reasons, I want a Parapedal and see if you do maintenance on Octavia. 
Mine is noise and flobby comparing with the Octavian. Anyway, I got to leave to the airport (with the Octavian on my pedalboard). I'll get my friends to contact you as soon as I show them the pedal. Thanks again Kurt and have a great weekend!!!!


I would like to thank everyone for their support. 
All of you make this possible. 

Thank you César. We miss you.

Kurt Stier, Chicago Iron


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