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The Chicago Iron Tycobrahe� Octavia. These are unmistakably the closest you will get to the originals.

PEDAL.....$334.99 ++
includes redwood box 
 The Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Octavia SE is a faithful reproduction of the original 1970's Tycobrahe Octavia. No frills no LED '70's vintage all the way! It is the reincarnation of the famous Tycobrahe Octavia. Includes all the same art, logos and knobs as the legendary original 1970's Tycobrahe Engineering originals. The pedal is true bypass and has 9v jack.

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The wait is over! Plenty in stock again. Thank you everyone. 

please allow 8 weeks delivery

It took over a year and a lot of research - but there is nothing like it.

As you may already know, the Tycobrahe® Octavia was built like the fuzz faces. The Octavia uses the usual transistor based gain circuit like most vintage fuzz pedals, with the addition of transformer coupling. They didn't spend a lot of time "matching" components in the circuit back then. There were good ones and not so good ones allowing players the fun of searching through boxes of pedals at stores to find one they liked - like the legend of Jimi Hendrix says he did with his Arbitor Fuzz Face pedals. Most builders now know the importance of meeting certain parameters for the transistors that are combined in a fuzz circuit. We searched the country and all our player and tech friends searched their effect arsenals for the best sounding Tycobrahe® Octavia pedals. We wanted to build a truly faithful copy, and knew the Octavia pedals used by SRV and other artist were painstakingly hand selected. We knew we had to have a good sampling of the old pedals to find the best sounding circuit we could to use as a reference point. We settled on seven of them. That alone was no small feat. They all did the job but some were warmer, tracked better, bloomed harmonics more evenly and were more touch sensitive than others. After we selected the best one we dated it. It was from 1974. It was like a fuzz on the first 6 frets and as we headed up the neck it produced wonderful ring modulator tones with a hint of octave all around the middle neck positions. When we rolled the tone off the neck pickup and played above the 12th produced the trademark Jimi octave tone. The kind of tone that gives you goose-bumps. This pedal was really fun to play. Then I had the task of measuring each of the components and matching them. I matched them to the same specs as the original 1974 "good one". I built a formidable clone of the board and populated it with the hand matched components. It tested out to rival the '74 in every way and all of the players A/B'd them with great results. Same fuzz, ring-mod and octave! Now I can put 5 Chicago Iron Octavian pedals in the signal chain together and they all play and sound the same. Even the knob positions are true to each other from one to the next. Goose-bumps. Jimi's trademark "ghost note" octave. SRV's Voodoo Chile.  It is as close to a hand selected and coveted original as you can get for about $700 less. Yes they are true bypass also. Includes 9 volt jack.

Check out the reviews on Harmony Central. Want to read reviews on how we did on our reproduction? Check out the reviews on Harmony Central of our Tycobrahe Octavia reproduction, the "Octavian" octave pedal and read what others think of our work:  

Our offer to you: To introduce this pedal to you, the Chicago Iron Octavian LED octave pedal is now available for only $309.99. This includes a 60 hour listening period. If the Octavian pedal is not as described,  just return it to us within 3 days in it's original new condition, for a full refund. Refunds do not include shipping costs or payment fees like Paypal.


...... In loving memory of C�sar Diaz.......

includes redwood box
 The Chicago Iron Octavian Octave. The same great circuit as the Tycobrahe SE, but has an indicator LED mod requested by players and less expensive knobs and art. The pedal is true bypass and has 9v jack.

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The next generation Octave Pedal.

The new 2008 Chicago Iron Octavian PLUS


 Octavian Plus Vintage Two-Tone
Fuzz/Octave w/ Dual Mode LED
NEW 60's 70's mode switch!

Foot Switching FUZZ and OCTAVE
with DUAL LED.......same great tone!

 Old school, Vintage, Sought after tone...

 Hey, the old circuits were great fun. But it's time to move on. We need more from our gear now more than ever. Chicago Iron is proud to offer the new Octavian PLUS� octave pedal.

 You get four great sounds in one pedal and two foot switches to use either effect on the fly. Imagine crankin' a solo in an awesome vintage fuzz and kicking in the Tycobrahe� octave without the hassle of unity gain between the two devices.

 At Chicago Iron we take pride in our sound.  What we have done to bring back a great vintage pedal with the Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Octavia and Octavian, has been enhanced and updated.

 We added a switch to allow the pedal to be used as a fuzz as well as a standard Tycobrahe� Octavia octave pedal.

 We decided to use a dual mode LED, red for fuzz and green for octave.

 We added the 60's 70's phase drive switch that provides the two most famous octave sounds from both the 60's and 70's.

 Same great tone and touch sensitivity as all of our famous Tycobrahe�  style hand matched hand made octave circuits. Just enhanced.


includes redwood box 
 The Chicago Iron Octavian PLUS. The same great circuit as the others with the 4 most popular player requested features.

 First, a foot switchable octave. We added an additional foot switch to allow the pedal to be switched from fuzz to octave on the fly.

 Second, we added a dual color indicator LED that shows red for fuzz and green for octave.

 Third, we added giant size knobs that are easily adjusted with the foot.

 Fourth and last we added the 60's 70's switch that allows you to switch between the two most famous octave sound eras.

 The pedal is true bypass and has 9v DC jack.


Price does not include International shipping fees. Contact us for International shipping fees.



MP3 sound clips

Lance Keltner recently returned from Los Angeles where he was working with Rod Stewart as the guitarist in Rod's new video entitled "I Can't Deny It" Look for the video on VH1, and on MTV and Onyx TV in Europe.

Lance recently completed work on his new album for Provogue records entitled "Last of the Cowboy Vampires". Keltner merged familiar Blues and Rock guitar stylings with techno loops and World beats and instrumentation to forge a new sound that one rock critic described as "what if ZZ Top, Ry Cooder, and Peter Gabriel were to do a record together".

The rumors that Lance will be on tour with Rod Stewart this year are false. Lance had made commitments to perform at summer festivals in Germany and Holland, and will be continuing to pursue his solo career.

Many thanks to Lance Keltner for his help with these MP3 sound clips. Take a visit to Lance's site at If you are looking for some great guitar driven music, get Lance's latest album at and check out his music. This is Texas Rock with a modern edge. GREAT DRIVING MUSIC. Features the Chicago Iron Octavian octave pedal.

Octavian Bridge Boogie - 423 kb
Octavian Bridge Pickup - 211 kb
Octavian Bridge 2 - 93 kb
Octavian Neck Strat - 200 kb
Octavian 2 - 114 kb
Octavian Finger Pickin' Good - 139 kb


Daisy Chain 9 Volt Power Distribution Information: Just like the original Tycobrahe Octavia pedals, The Chicago Iron Octavian circuit is a POSITIVE GROUNDED CIRCUIT. A positive grounded circuit is exactly the OPPOSITE of what most people are used to. Most other pedals are NEGATIVE GROUND circuits and can be powered by "daisy chaining" the 9 volt power supply, reducing the number of "wall warts" and pedal board power clutter. This is an authentic circuit and the tone reflects the best a vintage Tycobrahe Octavia has to offer.

 The Chicago Iron Octavian pedal can be powered by a standard 9 volt TIP NEGATIVE pedal power supply, but can only be daisy chained to similar POSITIVE GROUND pedal circuits.

 What this means is, in order to add a Chicago Iron Octavian pedal to your existing multi pedal setup, you must dedicate another isolated 9 volt tip negative pedal power supply for the positive grounded pedal, or ALL your daisy chained pedals 9 volt power will stop, including the Octavian.

 All of your existing 9 volt tip negative, negative grounded pedals get powered from one or more isolated power supplies, and all of your positive grounded pedals, like the Tycobrahe Octavia and the Chicago Iron Octavian, use another dedicated, isolated 9 volt tip negative power supply.

 Most pedal board power supplies have a few isolated power supplies in each box. Pick a couple from there or use two "warts", one for "negative" pedals, and one for "positive" pedals like CHICAGO IRON.

 Remember the Octavian is wired for a tip negative power jack, so special "inverted" wiring is not necessary. This applies to all versions of the Chicago Iron octave pedals, and the Parachute and ParaBaby wah pedals.




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